Monitoring Clinical Research Trials: A Gradual Process

By ogundokun Olusegun So you’re new to monitoring clinical research trials? Well, welcome. You’re probably starting out with little formal training, some knowledge of relevant FDA regulations, and a sense that the rules are just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, it’s likely that you aren’t certain what questions you should even ask about […]

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research is the study of health and illness in people. It is the way we learn how to prevent, diagnose and treat illness. Clinical research describes many different elements of scientific investigation. Simply put, it involves human participants and helps translate basic research (done in labs) into new treatments and information to benefit patients. […]

Conducting clinical trials in emerging markets of sub-Saharan Africa: review of guidelines and resources for foreign sponsors

Clinical trials provide a foundation for new drug development processes, as well as for product license extensions for existing therapies. The reduction in the amount of time and cost to conduct a clinical trial becomes important, as competition to bring a new drug to the market is increasing, and so is the search for new […]

Conducting Clinical Research in Africa

Medpace has partnered with Sponsors to set up and manage clinical trials in Africa for more than a decade. With a local team based in Johannesburg, Medpace South Africa has conducted multiple studies in a variety of different indications across the region. Our localized expertise in the regulatory requirements of the different countries, along with […]


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